Sakura R-727 is the most popular Exterior kitchen hood made by Sakura Taiwan.
Sakura R-727 Rangehood parts for sale.

 and there is a R-747(R-747II) model which cost about $100 USD more in retail, 
Sakura R-747 Rangehood parts for sale

Let's see what is the main difference between these 2 machines. According to the manufacturer's information, the main difference is the filtering system.

The R-747 which is high end model, does comes with Sakura's patented filtering system which contains mesh filters, grills to hold filters and to mount round oil cup collector.

also a soot shade is not with R-727 model which is not a big of deal for most of us.

I will write more how to mount or change it with some pictures soon

Updated: Nov/16/2013

We now offer a complete set to convert SAKURA R-727 to accept the filters..


maggie soong

Date 5/31/2014

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